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New Book Details Woman’s Recovery From Addiction and Offers Hope to Others

In “Woman of Worth,” Winonna Saari tells her incredible story of growing up in Detroit, becoming involved in drugs and alcohol, teenage pregnancy, and living in various parts of the country where she kept finding trouble, eventually ending up in jail. She shares this story to show that if she could recover, anyone can. This book will inspire others that it is never too late to make positive changes in their life.

New Book Encourages Openness to Thrive Through Change and Obstacles

In “Open Stance,” Ann Van Eron teaches readers how to be open to listening to others, being open to hearing their stories and showing empathy, and approaching conversations and relationships with a positive mindset. The result is richer relationships, less conflict, and overall wellbeing for everyone involved.

New Book Teaches How to Become Experts at Making Positive Personal Changes

In “The Power of Self-Mastery,” Brandie Allen discusses how to make positive changes in one’s life. Topics range from positive thinking to mental health issues, embracing discomfort over the process of changing, and how to emancipate ourselves from masks and mental slavery we’ve adopted in our pasts.

New Book Reveals Effects of Entrepreneur Family Member Upon Successive Generations

Entrepreneurship is constantly applauded in the media, but in Brenda Cook’s “The Entrepreneur’s Family,” the effects of entrepreneurship on the family environment are analyzed. Cook is the daughter of an entrepreneur and knows first-hand how entrepreneurship and the desire to create a family legacy can have both positive and detrimental effects on everyone involved.

New Book Uses Walt Disney As Model for How to Make Dreams Come True

In “Dreamers Do,” father and daughter Gene and Genesis Ano discuss how Walt Disney has inspired them to live better lives. Their personal stories are intermixed with anecdotes from Walt Disney’s own life about how he dreamed big and overcame adversity. Overall, this book will inspire anyone whether a Disney fan or not, and will make many appreciate more what we can still learn from Walt Disney nearly a century after his famous mouse first graced the silver screen.

How to Spend Christmas With Jesus This Year

Life is full of distractions. It’s so easy to lose sight of what is most important. And with Christmas right around the corner, I’m reminded of this now more than ever.

Are You Unhappy? How to Turn That Frown Upside Down!

Are you frowning because things didn’t go your way until now? How to turn that frown upside down? There are ways out. Look inside to find out.

Neither Side

Rarely do we encounter an absolute in our lives. Choice is something that we expect, and Western Society is moving left to demand more bad choices to be included and seems to think that choice is a guaranteed right.

Self-Awareness: Can Someone Be Very Self-Aware And Out Of Touch With Their Emotional Wounds?

When it comes to experiencing change, it is often said that self-awareness is essential. The reason for this is that if one is not aware of what is going on for them, how will they be able to change their life?

A Guide To Help You Save Money While Buying Custom Basketball Jerseys

If you are looking to purchase custom basketball jerseys, you are on the right page. The readymade ones will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, we suggest that you take your time and follow this guide to save money and still get what you want.

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