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3 Parenting Tips For A Stress-Free Christmas With Little Kids

As a parent, we always want our kids to experience a magical Christmas. But keeping up with tradition can be overhwelming and frustrating. Here are some effective parenting tips for a stress-free Christmas with little kids!

The De Havilland DH106 Comet

This article discusses the design, development, and history of the de Havilland DH.106 Comet, the world’s first pure-jet airliner. It examines all its major versions, including the Comet 1, 1A, 2, 3, and 4.

The De Havilland Comet Accidents

This article discusses and analyzes the accidents that led to the de Havilland DH.106 Comet’s grounding and the design flaws they revealed and the lessons they taught. It also touches upon some of the type’s later mishaps that resulted from other causes.

5 Key Differences Between Republican And Democrats Politics And Policies!

My vote doesn’t count! They’re all the same thing! I hate politics and politicians!

A Christmas Poem

Tis the week before Christmas and all thru the land, Everything is not grand People are scouring for shelter and food, The Horn of Plenty has everyone fooled. Prices keep rising to everyone’s surprise. The world that we knew has turned the tide, favoring just a few.

New Book Demonstrates How an Attitude Change Is a Life Change

In “It Starts with Attitude,” Mike Oster shows us how we can achieve excellence if we have the right attitude in everything we do. He provides full details about how to choose the right attitude for different situations an opportunities so we can experience greater success and happiness in life.

New Book Advocates Leading With Love in the Workplace

In Head for Leading, Heart for Loving, Shaun Sullivan reveals the power of learning to lead with love. He advocates for servant leadership that goes deeper by coming from our hearts. The result is stronger leadership and stronger positive impact for business, the economy, and those we work and do business with.

New Book Helps Business Owners Find Joy in Their Work

In “The High-Five Effect,” Matt Ward shares how business owners can find and keep clients who bring them joy while still operating a lucrative business. He believes for a business to be successful it must bring everyone involved joy, and he teaches how that can be possible.

New Book Offers Cancer Journey As Model for Overcoming Life’s Adversities

Rob Bare’s new book Braving Your Adversity: Life Strategies to Endure Your Road Ahead With Hope, Faith, and Courage is part memoir and part self-help/personal development book. In it, Rob tells the story of his and his wife’s relationship, which culminated in her truly epic battle to defeat cancer. Cancer may have won the battle, but Tiffany won the war.

New Book Offers Hope to Women Over Fifty Feeling Stuck

Lynn Weimar’s “Be Free Beyond Fifty” is a life-inspiring book that reminds the reader they are enough, worthy, and capable of enjoying life. Weimar walks people through how to shed our false identities and experience freedom on a new level where we are not afraid to be who we truly are.

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