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The Benefits of an Amino Acid Fertilizer

Amino acid fertilizer is tremendously beneficial for almost all types of plants. We suggest that you go for a product that is organically certified. We suggest that you look for a product that contains most of the 20 amino acids used by most plants for healthy growth.

Self-Ownership: What Can Happen If Someone Was Treated Like An Object During Their Early Years?

Now that someone is an adult, it could be said that their early years are well and truly behind them. In other words, they are an adult now and what took place in the past is irrelevant.

My Ongoing Grudge With Santa

I’ve had sort of a grudge with old Mr. Santa Claus. I was introduced to Santa Claus by my parents, who informed me that he was the one that brought all of my Christmas presents on Christmas day. And I believe my parents. I remember on Christmas Eve we had to go to bed early to give Santa Claus time to deliver our presents under the tree. It was hard to sleep that early on Christmas Eve knowing that Santa was coming with Christmas presents. Finally, we did fall asleep only to wake up Christmas day with the tree filled with our Christmas presents. I did not know the real identity of Santa Claus until many years later. I was six years old when my parents first took me to see Santa Claus. I stood in the line and waited my turn to climb up on his lap and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. That first Christmas time, I told Santa that all I wanted for Christmas was a pony. Just a pony.

Father Wounds: Can A Man Be Domesticated If He Had An Abusive Father?

In the same way that an animal can be someone’s pet, a man can be in a very similar position. He will then, like the animal, be just about out of touch with his instincts and it won’t be difficult to control him.

Are You Spinning Too Many Plates in Your Life and Desperate to Make None Fall?

Spinning plates may be a great human circus act, but when it comes to business, having too many spinning plates in the air can be detrimental to you achieving great outcomes. If you fall into the category of people who are entrapped in the flawed idea that multitasking and spinning with many plates will lead to more productivity then you might be surprised that not only does multitasking not work but research tells us it could damage your brain!

Local Merchants Are Hurting and Need Our Help

The Covid 19 Pandemic has had such a negative impact on merchant, their business and their how they earn a living. Some, unfortunately, due to the loss of business, simply couldn’t hang on. For those that have survived have tightened their belts and looked for anything and everything within reason, could be done to continue to make their business entity survive and hopefully thrive, once again There may be some ideas here that you haven’t considered.

Why Receiving Is Actually a Gift

Many people have trouble receiving from others. We feel unworthy or guilty when people want to help us. Read on to discover why you do the giver a service by gratefully accepting their gift of giving of themselves. At the same time you learn how to feel better too!

Why Won’t You Help Your SELF?

After, over four decades, of providing and leading, many hundreds of personal development, self – help, and personal growth, seminars, and programs, I have come to strongly, believe, if you hope, to be, as fulfilled, and happy, as possible, it is, up = to – you, because, you must, proactively, do all you can, to help, create, a SELF, which maximizes the possibilities, and options, and reduces personal stresses, and tensions! In other words, it’s, up – to – you! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means…

Leaders Must Commit To FINEST Efforts!

After, over four decades, of personal and professional involvement, in nearly, everything, related to effectively, leading, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, as well as personally, serving, several times, as a leader, I strongly believe, real leaders must, never be willing to accept, anything – less than their personal best, because, good – enough, does not bring – forth, the FINEST efforts! In – fairness, much of that blame/ responsibility, is, because, few organizations have dedicated themselves, to customized, professionally designed, leadership training and planning programs, to ensure, their leaders, are…

5 Examples Of Trying To Get People To Believe What They See!

When some, and/ or, any, public official, suggests, or tells the public, to forget/ igonore, what they have seen with their own eyes, or heard, with their ears, and, instead, simply, believe, and accept, what he tells them! In the past few years, on many occasions, some of our elected officials, have resorted to this strategy, combined with telling lies, and resorting to blaming and complaining, rather than suggesting any viable solutions! Time – after – time, evidence, discovered, after – the – fact, clearly, indicates, this behavior, etc!

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